Artedius corallinus
Coralline Sculpin

I descended to the sandy bottom, 80' below the surface, next to a large rock covered with multi-colored algea and purple encrusting hydrocoral. After a couple of minutes of searching for nudibranchs or other interesting life forms, I was about to give up when a small piece of the rock moved.  Looking closer, I noticed a beautiful sculpin, so well camoflaged that, had it not moved, I would have missed it completely.  As I moved in closer for the photograph, another, then another one appeared.  In all, 5 had been there all along.

Just when you think you're getting good at spotting the critters, mother nature humbles you by showing you she's even better at hiding them!

Lens: 60mm macro
Film: Velvia
Location: San Clemente Island, CA
©1999 Garry McCarthy