Lythrypnus zebra
Zebra Goby

The diminutive Zebra Goby is one of the most beautiful fish around -- and most Southern California divers have never seen one! One of the hardest local fish to photograph, the tiny Zebra (about 1" to 2" long) is usually gone before it's been spotted. Patience, however, has its rewards. After darting deep into the rocky reefs in which it lives, this shy fish will eventually venture back out to a shallower crevice, where it can be seen. But just try to set your camera close enough for a shot, and it's gone again in a flash!

I sat in the same spot for half an hour, almost motionless, rotating between 3 zebras and wasting lots of film, air and bottom time before I finally got this shot.

Lens: 105mm macro
Film: Velvia
Location: San Clemente Island, CA

©1998 Garry McCarthy